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Launching November 12th by Holly Cairns T.D. in the Ludgate, Skibbereen

Gabriella Book Cover


'All she needed was one person to take notice - one person who could catapult her into the big time’

Echoes of Grace

Echoes of Grace

Grace Molloy was the darling of the theatre scene. Young and dazzling, she gave it all up to marry the playwright Henry Sinclair, thirty years her senior. Then, one stormy night, she died giving birth to her daughter, Aurora.

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Indecision book cover


Glancing sideways, she was intrigued by his flawless profile.
 He had bronzed skin and a straight nose, with tousled blond hair that was effortlessly stylish. Lounging in his chair elegantly, he looked like the type of guy you could place anywhere and he would look at ease. He turned suddenly and caught her staring at him. Their eyes locked and suddenly she felt lost. They were the bluest eyes she had ever seen…

Regrets Book Cover


She had loved him.
She had been head over heels, crazy in love with him.
She had run away because she couldn’t handle starting again. She had left him behind out of fear. Fear that they wouldn’t be happy when the gloss of the affair had worn out; fear that he would grow tired of her.
She ached to see him. To hear his voice. To touch his skin…

Promises Book Cover


The enormity of it weighed heavily on her shoulders. She had spent the last three days lying in bed, attempting to come to terms with the shocking diagnosis she had received at the doctor’s. She was pregnant. There was a little baby inside her. And not just any baby: Luca’s baby.